Curanail FAQs

faqHow do I know that I’m suffering from a fungal nail infection?

You can identify a fungal nail infection by looking out for some of the following sign and symptoms:

  • the nail will be thicker than normal
  • the nail will look scaly
  • an infected nail will be distorted in shape
  • infected nails will be discoloured yellow, white or brown
  • they will also be more brittle than normal

If you are still unsure your doctor or local pharmacist can help you diagnose condition and can advise you on what sort of treatment you should seek.

If you have athletes foot are you more likely to develop a nail infection?

Yes, the fungus which is responsible for athletes foot is also responsible for nearly all fungal nail infections. If you have athletes foot it is vital that you treat it as soon as possible to reduce the chances of developing a fungal nail infection.

Will wearing flip-flops help me avoid fungal nail infections?

Yes, wearing flip-flops will certainly lower your chances of developing an infection as infections of the feet and nails including athletes foot and the verrucas love hot and humid conditions in which to breed.

I have three infected toenails, 2 on one foot and one on the other. can I use Curanail?

Curanail can only be used on two nails at once. You need to see your doctor for a prescribed treatment.

Can I use Curanail if I am under 18?

No, Curanail is only for those that are over 18. You need to speak to your GP or doctor for him to prescribe you a suitable treatment.

I am a diabetic can I use Curanail?

No, Curanail can not be sold to diabetics without a prescription. Please consult your doctor or diabetic nurse for a suitable treatment or prescription.

Can I use Curanail on my fingernails?

yes, although it is more common to use it on toenails having a mild fungal infection of the fingernail does occur occasionally. As fingernails grow out faster than toenails you’ll be glad to hear that you will only need to apply Curanail for months.

Do you have any advice on how to keep up with the treatment? 6 months is a long time.

The reason that the treatment needs to be applied for 9-12 months for toenails and 6 months for fingernails is because this is the time it takes for new nails to replace the old ones. With Curanail you are not eliminating the infection from the nail material but stopping it spreading to newly produced nail. Here are some tips to help you remember to use Curanail over this extended time.

  • it’s a once weekly treatment so you can apply it on the same day every week
  • use the enclosed nail templates to monitor any improvements to your nails – this will motivate you to keep applying the treatment
  • views use the patient diary card for the same reasons as the nail templates
  • try to incorporate applying the treatments into a weekly routine such as applying it after a back or shower