How Does Curanail Work?

The retail product you find on pharmacy shelves or online called Curanail contains an antifungal medicine called amorolfine. This active  ingredient is used to treat fungal infections as well as moulds and yeasts.

Curanail works by interfering with the fungal cell membrane. The cell membranes are crucial to the survival of fungus and  amorolfine destroys these by halting the production of ergosterol. This substance is essential to the structure of the membranes. Ultimately once the cell membrane of the fungus is disrupted the cell dies.



Fungi infections (and also moulds and yeasts) are all treatable by Curanail nail lacquer. because males take so long to grow and also very tough for the lacquer to penetrate types of infections like these are often extremely hard to eradicate.

When you paint on the lacquer it will slowly penetrate through your nail until it reaches the nail bed at which point it starts to attack the infection. You only apply once a week and after application it should stay on as it is resistant to water and soap.

How to use it

Using one of the nail files provided with Curanail you first need to file the infected nail down as thoroughly as possible. You then closed cleaning swaps to clean the surface of the nail. Only once this is done should you apply the lacquer. Warning, do not use a used file or cleaning swap on any of your other nails as this could spread the infection, dispose of them immediately after use.

curanail applicatorApply the lacquer to the whole nail using the enclosed applicator. To do this to the applicator into the bottle – do not remove any excess lacquer on the bottleneck and apply to the surface of the nail. Do this once and once only per week. It takes around 3 min for the lacquer to dry.

Once you’ve finished applying the Curanail you need to clean the applicator using the swab you use on your nail earlier and then put it back into the bottle.

Each week you need to use the enclosed swabs to remove the previous week’s lack before applying any more. You need to also filed down as much as possible once again and the clean with the swab after filing. apply the latter once again to the whole nail.

To stand the best chance removing the infection you need to apply the Curanail each week, without any interruption until all of the infection is removed or as is often the case grown out. This can take a long time: six months fingernails, up to 12 months the toenails.

Curanail-lgCuranail is intended for the treatment of mild fungal infections. If you can see no improvement after three months use (12 applications) you should see your doctor for advice. Also seek advice if you were trying to treat a toenail on a foot which is also suffering from athletes foot as your toenail can be reinfected if you do not combat the problem.

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