Nails Cracking and Breaking All The Time

crackingnailsEver since my second pregnancy and birth of that child (2010) it seems my nails grow a small bit and then crack, break. But the cracking and breaking is down in the “quick” of the nail not just the nail itself. What can I do? I use to never have a problem with my nails being strong, growing, etc. I have a feeling that it is caused by a fungal infection but I am not sure. If it is do you think I should try using Curanail?

I have tried several things and it doesn’t work. I thought of putting on the “fake nails” and letting my nails underneath just take time to grow. But, if I do this will they grow healthy and strong not thin and weak by using your materials? Nails are important to me and my “self-image” especially right now so any help you can lend, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Try staying away from anything “drying” to the nail.

Keep them hydrated with natural oils. Stay away from mineral oil, lotions are sometimes loaded with it. Look for something with Dimethicone in it – Aveno makes a good one. Limit using removers, don’t use polish with formaldehyde either. Without a photo I could not tell you whether it is a fungal infection but you could try Curanail – you have nothing to lose.

If you try artificial nails, don’t look so much at the price of the service. look at the Nail Tech instead! This is VITAL to the health of your nails – especially if you just want them to grow out.

A Discount Nail Salon would be a HUGE mistake!

They over file with the “drills” and would make it pointless in trying to grow your nails out, these Salons generally hire unlicensed nail techs that don’t even have a word in their native language for “germ” and don’t understand the concept of sanitation by our terms–plus you have a language barrier to deal with, so more than likely you won’t be able to get your point across anyway. Then you have the chemical issues in places like that too. You never know if what they are using is approved by the FDA to use on nails or not (mostly not).

You need to find a reputable Nail Technician in a “Standard Salon” like I work in that knows what he/she is doing when it comes to nails. If money is an issue on this, shop around, no harm in that. Ask around, call around. You’ll find a nail tech that is reasonable.

I have always had a problem with my nails cracking and breaking just as they started to get to a nice length and they have always been thin. But, I have also always had low iron and I was told that was the reason why my nails can’t grow without breaking or cracking.

Well, a couple of month’s ago, I was in the grocery store and I went to check, as I always do, for something that might help my nails stop breaking and I came across this Sally Hansen BE-LONG polish. It’s a liquid nail wrap that you put on just like nail polish. I put on a light coat of it every 3 days or so, because that’s all you really need of it. It’s white in the bottle, but if you put on a thin coat of it, it comes on clear. It looks better clear than it does white!It work’s really, really well. Then I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, the clear one. My nail’s are no longer thin and fragile! My nails have never been this length naturally. I usually have to put on fake nails. So, if you’ve tried just about everything like me, then try this if you haven’t already!

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