Peeling Nails After Removing Acrylics

peelingI recently had my acrylic nails removed. Before I had them put on my nails were soft and peeling. Now they are worse. Any suggestions? Would a light coat of acrylic over my natural nails help?


No, no, no, please don’t do that!

it will hurt them even more. Moisturize them everyday, either with the natural nails growth formula found on this site or some vitamin e oil. They are going to be worse for a while. any “coating” whether it is an acrylic coat or polish is not going to help at all right now. The only way to remove acrylic is with acetone remover and that is so incredibly bad for your nails. I was born with soft, peeling nails and natural nails growth formula has improved them, kept much needed moisture in my nails, and made them grow.

Hello. I have been reading through this site and I have to tell you this has been so very helpful to me. Thank you to the Owner for giving us a place to ask questions and get information.

I have a question regarding this post.

Will Curanail also help to make your nails thicker? I stopped using Acrylic because of some bad experiences with the techs who I went to. I had them taken off, and now my nails are SO THIN that sometimes they hurt. I have to be so careful with my fingers cause a little bang on something and they hurt terribly. So that’s why I was asking, because I want to know if this product will help to make them thicker.

Curanail is used to treat mild fungal nail infections.

You could try the Nail Growth Formula which was specifically designed to stimulate cell activity, there by producing a more rapid growth pattern. It has the added benefit of providing a moisture barrier. So as time goes on you will indeed notice the strength increasing. They will not be “thick” like acrylics or some of the other topical treatments but the will indeed improve and become stronger, they will cease the layering and pealing, and they will grow at a greater pace.

I took off my acrylics because of lifting on my thumbs that was about halfway down. It isn’t green but sometimes it has a bad odour. My nail person would tell me that it was getting better and would keep my nails short but it didn’t. Now that I have had my nails of for about 6 months it has gotten worse and on my left hand it is almost to the bottom of my finger. I went to a dermatologist and she basically told me that there wasn’t anything I could do and that I had an infection under my cuticle at the bottom of my finger. Would Curanail treat this type of infection and if not is there anything that you can recommend that I should do? I am pretty desperate, I don’t want to loose my fingernail. Thanks.

First thing I would do is change dermatologists!

a doctor needs to determine what is causing the infection-fungal or bacterial-and treat accordingly. So your dermatologist sent you home with no treatment?

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