Smelly Nails, What Can I Do?

garlic_cloveWhen my finger nails get wet they always seem to smell like garlic. Now I know that I must have some sort of fungus infection but I just don’t know what to do other than see my Dr. which I haven’t done yet. I am so tired of keeping my nails cut way too short because they turn flaky yellowish white and smell like garlic.

I’ve tried Fungi-Nail lacquer similar to Curanail but that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve even read that Vicks works for some people, but not for me. What can I do? Please help!


Do you eat a lot of garlic in your food?

Well I do use garlic in my recipes but probably no more than any other person would (well maybe a little, hehe). I’m not quite sure that eating it would cause this to happen to my nails anyway. I used to be an HVAC mechanic in the field and I was always washing my hands and nails with a scrub brush. I was sure that I got it from this but I don’t know for sure.

It sounds to me like your nails are extremely dehydrated. Repeated hand washing with strong soaps, detergents, chemicals strips the nails of natural oils and beneficial moisture. As to the garlic smell, why don’t you try NOT using any garlic in your foods for a month, see if the garlic smell goes away. Order the Natural Nails Growth formula and message it into your nails, cuticles, and up to the first joint–twice a day—1 minute per finger. Also, order the Buffing cream and buffer, use this once a week to help seal in moisture and create a high shine to your natural nails. I’m wondering if you smoke cigarettes, as this will cause your nails to yellow from tar/nicotine. If you can, wear rubber gloves when you use any kind of cleaning chemicals to protect your nails from the harsh chemicals.

Well no as a matter of fact I don’t smoke (never have) so that isn’t an issue in this (yuck). I’ve always been a very clean person so washing my hands was always a must for me because I hated having dirt under my nails. Maybe you’re right and maybe they are dehydrated because the way I used to dig the dirt out from under my nails every day after work it makes sense. Well I will have to try what you are talking about and maybe I’ll have a little luck. I’ve always heard that you could tell a persons health by the health of their nails and hair. Well my hair is healthy but I’ve never really had nice nails. They tended to be a little bumpy on some of my nails and with this problem I’m going through now they are even worse so naturally I’m thinking “Oh great there goes my health”! I guess I’m just a worry wart and I need to relax a bit so thanks for the advice.

Now listen, I had the worst nails on the planet. I tried every product I could find to make my nails look nice, none worked, until I found Curanail. I used the products religiously and am thrilled to report that they worked on my horrid nails. Now I have long, strong, beautiful fingernails, no polish, no fakes, just naturally grown HEALTHY, shiny nails. If this stuff can make my nails do this, it can help anyone’s nails.

Wow you sound like you’d be perfect for an infomercial for these people (hehe). Well I will take your advice and order some of this stuff soon and I will let you know how well it works for me. Thank you so much for your advice.

Lol, I am not an infomercial, nor do I work for Curanail products, nor am I related in any way to them. I am, however, a very satisfied consumer of this product. Now if you get this product for yourself, Mark, and use it as instructed, and get the same great results I got, you’ll be needing some scissors to trim your long strong natural nails. Maybe together we can do an infomercial.

Ha that would be great commercial. “Are your nails week, flaky, and smell like garlic”? “Then Curanail is for you”. Sign me up, just let me know when. (Hehe) at least I have a sense of humour about it. You’ve been fun to chat with, email me sometime to say “Hey”.

I hate seeing my nails short and smashed. I want them looking longer and nicer. Can you give me some advice on how to grow nails naturally, or using stuffs at home to make it longer. Thank You.

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