peelingI recently had my acrylic nails removed. Before I had them put on my nails were soft and peeling. Now they are worse. Any suggestions? Would a light coat of acrylic over my natural nails help?


No, no, no, please don’t do that!

it will hurt them even more. Moisturize them everyday, either with the natural nails growth formula found on this site or some vitamin e oil. They are going to be worse for a while. any “coating” whether it is an acrylic coat or polish is not going to help at all right now. The only way to remove acrylic is with acetone remover and that is so incredibly bad for your nails. I was born with soft, peeling nails and natural nails growth formula has improved them, kept much needed moisture in my nails, and made them grow.

Hello. I have been reading through this site and I have to tell you this has been so very helpful to me. Thank you to the Owner for giving us a place to ask questions and get information.

I have a question regarding this post.

Will Curanail also help to make your nails thicker? I stopped using Acrylic because of some bad experiences with the techs who I went to. I had them taken off, and now my nails are SO THIN that sometimes they hurt. I have to be so careful with my fingers cause a little bang on something and they hurt terribly. So that’s why I was asking, because I want to know if this product will help to make them thicker.

Curanail is used to treat mild fungal nail infections.

You could try the Nail Growth Formula which was specifically designed to stimulate cell activity, there by producing a more rapid growth pattern. It has the added benefit of providing a moisture barrier. So as time goes on you will indeed notice the strength increasing. They will not be “thick” like acrylics or some of the other topical treatments but the will indeed improve and become stronger, they will cease the layering and pealing, and they will grow at a greater pace.

I took off my acrylics because of lifting on my thumbs that was about halfway down. It isn’t green but sometimes it has a bad odour. My nail person would tell me that it was getting better and would keep my nails short but it didn’t. Now that I have had my nails of for about 6 months it has gotten worse and on my left hand it is almost to the bottom of my finger. I went to a dermatologist and she basically told me that there wasn’t anything I could do and that I had an infection under my cuticle at the bottom of my finger. Would Curanail treat this type of infection and if not is there anything that you can recommend that I should do? I am pretty desperate, I don’t want to loose my fingernail. Thanks.

First thing I would do is change dermatologists!

a doctor needs to determine what is causing the infection-fungal or bacterial-and treat accordingly. So your dermatologist sent you home with no treatment?

crackingnailsEver since my second pregnancy and birth of that child (2010) it seems my nails grow a small bit and then crack, break. But the cracking and breaking is down in the “quick” of the nail not just the nail itself. What can I do? I use to never have a problem with my nails being strong, growing, etc. I have a feeling that it is caused by a fungal infection but I am not sure. If it is do you think I should try using Curanail?

I have tried several things and it doesn’t work. I thought of putting on the “fake nails” and letting my nails underneath just take time to grow. But, if I do this will they grow healthy and strong not thin and weak by using your materials? Nails are important to me and my “self-image” especially right now so any help you can lend, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Try staying away from anything “drying” to the nail.

Keep them hydrated with natural oils. Stay away from mineral oil, lotions are sometimes loaded with it. Look for something with Dimethicone in it – Aveno makes a good one. Limit using removers, don’t use polish with formaldehyde either. Without a photo I could not tell you whether it is a fungal infection but you could try Curanail – you have nothing to lose.

If you try artificial nails, don’t look so much at the price of the service. look at the Nail Tech instead! This is VITAL to the health of your nails – especially if you just want them to grow out.

A Discount Nail Salon would be a HUGE mistake!

They over file with the “drills” and would make it pointless in trying to grow your nails out, these Salons generally hire unlicensed nail techs that don’t even have a word in their native language for “germ” and don’t understand the concept of sanitation by our terms–plus you have a language barrier to deal with, so more than likely you won’t be able to get your point across anyway. Then you have the chemical issues in places like that too. You never know if what they are using is approved by the FDA to use on nails or not (mostly not).

You need to find a reputable Nail Technician in a “Standard Salon” like I work in that knows what he/she is doing when it comes to nails. If money is an issue on this, shop around, no harm in that. Ask around, call around. You’ll find a nail tech that is reasonable.

I have always had a problem with my nails cracking and breaking just as they started to get to a nice length and they have always been thin. But, I have also always had low iron and I was told that was the reason why my nails can’t grow without breaking or cracking.

Well, a couple of month’s ago, I was in the grocery store and I went to check, as I always do, for something that might help my nails stop breaking and I came across this Sally Hansen BE-LONG polish. It’s a liquid nail wrap that you put on just like nail polish. I put on a light coat of it every 3 days or so, because that’s all you really need of it. It’s white in the bottle, but if you put on a thin coat of it, it comes on clear. It looks better clear than it does white!It work’s really, really well. Then I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, the clear one. My nail’s are no longer thin and fragile! My nails have never been this length naturally. I usually have to put on fake nails. So, if you’ve tried just about everything like me, then try this if you haven’t already!

garlic_cloveWhen my finger nails get wet they always seem to smell like garlic. Now I know that I must have some sort of fungus infection but I just don’t know what to do other than see my Dr. which I haven’t done yet. I am so tired of keeping my nails cut way too short because they turn flaky yellowish white and smell like garlic.

I’ve tried Fungi-Nail lacquer similar to Curanail but that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve even read that Vicks works for some people, but not for me. What can I do? Please help!


Do you eat a lot of garlic in your food?

Well I do use garlic in my recipes but probably no more than any other person would (well maybe a little, hehe). I’m not quite sure that eating it would cause this to happen to my nails anyway. I used to be an HVAC mechanic in the field and I was always washing my hands and nails with a scrub brush. I was sure that I got it from this but I don’t know for sure.

It sounds to me like your nails are extremely dehydrated. Repeated hand washing with strong soaps, detergents, chemicals strips the nails of natural oils and beneficial moisture. As to the garlic smell, why don’t you try NOT using any garlic in your foods for a month, see if the garlic smell goes away. Order the Natural Nails Growth formula and message it into your nails, cuticles, and up to the first joint–twice a day—1 minute per finger. Also, order the Buffing cream and buffer, use this once a week to help seal in moisture and create a high shine to your natural nails. I’m wondering if you smoke cigarettes, as this will cause your nails to yellow from tar/nicotine. If you can, wear rubber gloves when you use any kind of cleaning chemicals to protect your nails from the harsh chemicals.

Well no as a matter of fact I don’t smoke (never have) so that isn’t an issue in this (yuck). I’ve always been a very clean person so washing my hands was always a must for me because I hated having dirt under my nails. Maybe you’re right and maybe they are dehydrated because the way I used to dig the dirt out from under my nails every day after work it makes sense. Well I will have to try what you are talking about and maybe I’ll have a little luck. I’ve always heard that you could tell a persons health by the health of their nails and hair. Well my hair is healthy but I’ve never really had nice nails. They tended to be a little bumpy on some of my nails and with this problem I’m going through now they are even worse so naturally I’m thinking “Oh great there goes my health”! I guess I’m just a worry wart and I need to relax a bit so thanks for the advice.

Now listen, I had the worst nails on the planet. I tried every product I could find to make my nails look nice, none worked, until I found Curanail. I used the products religiously and am thrilled to report that they worked on my horrid nails. Now I have long, strong, beautiful fingernails, no polish, no fakes, just naturally grown HEALTHY, shiny nails. If this stuff can make my nails do this, it can help anyone’s nails.

Wow you sound like you’d be perfect for an infomercial for these people (hehe). Well I will take your advice and order some of this stuff soon and I will let you know how well it works for me. Thank you so much for your advice.

Lol, I am not an infomercial, nor do I work for Curanail products, nor am I related in any way to them. I am, however, a very satisfied consumer of this product. Now if you get this product for yourself, Mark, and use it as instructed, and get the same great results I got, you’ll be needing some scissors to trim your long strong natural nails. Maybe together we can do an infomercial.

Ha that would be great commercial. “Are your nails week, flaky, and smell like garlic”? “Then Curanail is for you”. Sign me up, just let me know when. (Hehe) at least I have a sense of humour about it. You’ve been fun to chat with, email me sometime to say “Hey”.

I hate seeing my nails short and smashed. I want them looking longer and nicer. Can you give me some advice on how to grow nails naturally, or using stuffs at home to make it longer. Thank You.

white-spotsI was on google searching for a site that could help me with my problem. This one looked fine.

I am a boy and I am 19 years old and I have had white spots on all of my nails since I was a kid. I get teased at school, I’m not exactly popular and they bug me so much. I read back on some posts and people say “Put nail polish on, problem solved!” I am I man, I don’t wear polish.

How can I get rid of them, really? There are so many reasons (bruising, lack of vitamin, fungal nail infection) which one is true? Please help me. If it is fungal, would Curanail help me get rid of them?

You have a very bad problem you should see a doctor.

I’m not trying to say that you have it but I think you have syphilis on your nail and I think you should go to a doctor as A.S.A.P big time before it gets any worse

Sometimes I get those white spot’s on my nail’s to but people don’t make fun of me. I sorry that people make fun of you. But don’t let anyone let you down. And I hope we could be the best of friend’s.

Most people have had white spots on their nails at one time or another.

However, on average they do not appear on all of your nails at the same time. You may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. See a homoeopathic Neutritionalist and I’m sure this will be taken care of for you.

I can not tell you what you have but I can tell you I am a hair dresser and we have had to read about nail and disorders and it sound just like LEUCONYCHIA (LOO-KOH-NIK-EE-AH), or white spots, appear frequently in the nail, but do not indicate disease. They can be caused by injury to the base of the nail. As the nail continues to grow, these white spots eventually disappear. This is word for word out of my old study book believe it or not a hair dresser has to learn disorders and diseases. I am no DR. see a doctor and let me know how things are going. Ps dont let the others bother you because every one has something that bothers them that is just them showing there own insecurities.

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve had white marks on my nails for as long as I can remember. What causes them? Fungal infection? And more importantly, how do I get rid of them? Curanail? Is it a zinc/calcium deficiency? Should I get zinc tablets.

Don’t listen to those that say it’s syphilis or some horrible disease! Read the following and don’t worry p.s.- I’ve always had white spots I’m 16/f

What Are These White Spots?

Just buy some good vitamins and a zinc supplement.

Take them both as directed for at least 6 months, then check your nails out! :) I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

If you really want to know about those white spots on your nails – check out Dr Tsu-Tsair Chi’s book: Dr Chi’s Method of Fingernail and Tongue Analysis

– white spots indicate hormone imbalance, if you are a teenager, it’s ok – if an adult, then not ok. can be quite serious – oestrogens dominance, which can lead to breast cancer. There are products to take to correct this problem. good luck.

Curanail, the over the counter prescription strength fungal nail cure, has been repackaged by owners Galderma.

newpackSmaller Packaging

The packaging has got smaller and more compact for two reasons:

  1. The reduce the amount of packaging (we all hate unnecessary packaging don’t we?)
  2. To optimise the shelf capacity at the pharmacy.

While we are happy to get the same amount of Curanail in a smaller pack we are a bit disappointed that they are binging their specification in line with their European box and doing away with the disposable nail files and cleaning swab.

From now on Curanail advise that when using their amorolfine lacquer you should file down you nails with some emery board – making sure not to use it on healthy nails, and clean after filing with a nail varnish remover or alcohol swab prior to applying the lacquer.

A spokesperson for Galderma added that by making the changes they could “avoid a serious cost increase”.

The retail product you find on pharmacy shelves or online called Curanail contains an antifungal medicine called amorolfine. This active  ingredient is used to treat fungal infections as well as moulds and yeasts.

Curanail works by interfering with the fungal cell membrane. The cell membranes are crucial to the survival of fungus and  amorolfine destroys these by halting the production of ergosterol. This substance is essential to the structure of the membranes. Ultimately once the cell membrane of the fungus is disrupted the cell dies.



Fungi infections (and also moulds and yeasts) are all treatable by Curanail nail lacquer. because males take so long to grow and also very tough for the lacquer to penetrate types of infections like these are often extremely hard to eradicate.

When you paint on the lacquer it will slowly penetrate through your nail until it reaches the nail bed at which point it starts to attack the infection. You only apply once a week and after application it should stay on as it is resistant to water and soap.

How to use it

Using one of the nail files provided with Curanail you first need to file the infected nail down as thoroughly as possible. You then closed cleaning swaps to clean the surface of the nail. Only once this is done should you apply the lacquer. Warning, do not use a used file or cleaning swap on any of your other nails as this could spread the infection, dispose of them immediately after use.

curanail applicatorApply the lacquer to the whole nail using the enclosed applicator. To do this to the applicator into the bottle – do not remove any excess lacquer on the bottleneck and apply to the surface of the nail. Do this once and once only per week. It takes around 3 min for the lacquer to dry.

Once you’ve finished applying the Curanail you need to clean the applicator using the swab you use on your nail earlier and then put it back into the bottle.

Each week you need to use the enclosed swabs to remove the previous week’s lack before applying any more. You need to also filed down as much as possible once again and the clean with the swab after filing. apply the latter once again to the whole nail.

To stand the best chance removing the infection you need to apply the Curanail each week, without any interruption until all of the infection is removed or as is often the case grown out. This can take a long time: six months fingernails, up to 12 months the toenails.

Curanail-lgCuranail is intended for the treatment of mild fungal infections. If you can see no improvement after three months use (12 applications) you should see your doctor for advice. Also seek advice if you were trying to treat a toenail on a foot which is also suffering from athletes foot as your toenail can be reinfected if you do not combat the problem.

fungal nail infectionA problem which effects approximately 3% of the UK population, fungal nail infections also account for around half of all nail health problems. They occur far more in toenails (four times a likely compared to fingernails) due to the enclosed environment found around most toenails.

You are more prone to get infected the older you get and infections in men more common.


  • The nail becomes thickened.
  • The nail becomes discoloured – it can turn green, yellow, black or white.
  • At first the is no pain or discomfort but this can change if left untreated for a long time.
  • The nail can become brittle – bits of ir may break off.
  • The skin around an untreated, infected nail may become inflamed causing discomfort.
  • Yellow or while patched on the nail bed – under the nail.
  • Walking with and infected toenail or writing with an infected fingernail may become uncomfortable.


The infection is cause by fungus – hence the name. There are a number of different fungi which can lead to a nail infection:

  • Athletes food, a fungus infection the skin around toe nails can spread and lead to toenail infections.
  • Candida, a yeast can cause infection of fingernails.
  • A broken nail is more likely to become infected.
  • The infection can pass between nail – particularly between toe and fingernail though scratching for example.
  • Frequent washing of the nail increase the chance of them becoming infected by removing the protective layer at the base of the nail allowing the fungus to enter and spread.
  • Fungi love warm, humid environments so if your shoes cause you feet to sweat this will increse the chances.
  • Those suffering from certain health conditions such as psoriasis and diabetes also increase the risk.


If your infection is very mild, causes you no discomfort and is not noticeable (for example on a small toenail) you can chose to just leave it alone as treatments can take a long time (several months) to cure the nail. If the infection becomes worse then you can look into taking steps to remove it.

There are two common types of treatment: tablets and paint-on lacqure (Curanail). Your pharmasist or doctor can recommend the type which suits your fungal nail infection the most.

Anti-fungal tablets

When you take these tablets any fungal infections (not just infections of the nail) are treated though your bloodstream. You would need to take them for several months to ensure you kill of all of the infection. If you decide to use anti-fungal tablets you doctor will recommend either Itraconazole or Terbinafine. Tablets have the advantage of treating other fungal infections (of the skin) as well as of the nail including athletes foot but many decide not yo use them due to a risk of side effects.

  • Treatment can take anywhere between 2 and 6 months
  • Tablets need to be taken once or twice a day.
  • Clears the fungal infection in 70% of cases.
  • Restores the nail to a normal appearance in 50% of cases.
  • Also treats any fungal skin infections.
  • Side effects sometimes include: itching, headache, nausea, diarrhoea and a loss of your sense of taste.

Anti-fungal nail lacquer (Curanail)

Whilst being as effective as anti-fungal tablets, nail lacquers such as Curanail will not produce any side effects. Treatment is applied once a week only, for 6 or 9 months for fingernails and toenails respectively. You can buy Curanail from pharmacies with or without a prescription

  • Clears the fungal fingernail infection in 85% of cases
  • Clears the fungal toenail infection in 76% of cases
  • Treatment is applied once per week for 6 months (fingernails) or 9 months (toenail)
  • No side effects
  • Available over the counter as well as on prescription

fungal infectionsFungus toenail infections are quite unpleasant – you’ll encounter anything from toenail discolouring and bad smell to the nail entirely dropping off. Although it may appear worrying initially, the great thing is it’s treatable and also the future health of your toenails is normally guaranteed as long as you take good care of them and take any proper precautions to prevent potential future infections. This post discusses some easy, effective treatments to deal with toe nail infections. All solutions proposed listed below are only appropriate for nails which have not reached the blackened, lifted stage. In this event, see your physician, podiatrist or GP for further guidance.

Commercial treatments

curanail boxVisit you pharmacy or go to an online pharmacy, if you want to use products created especially for treating toenail fungus. You will be able to buy effective nail lacquers and lotions like Curanail, and in certain cases, it’s even possible to take pills to treat this problem. Natural nail growth will be just as slow as some using the other treatment mentioned below however, so bear this in your mind choosing how to tackle the problem.

Essential oils

Employing oil treatments consistently, both morning and evening until the toenails becomes stronger is a great, natural method of treating the fungus. You can purchase a treatment at the local pharmacy, but a lot of people have had tremendous success with pure tea-tree oil, or use five to ten percent orange oil in a blend of half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol. Shake prior to each use. Ally it with a dropper. Ensure it seeps on to the open toenail bed as well as underneath the edges of the toenail. Continue to remove dead tissue to leave a healthy location for your new toenail, while the toenail grows.

oil treatments


Always keep Vick’s Vapor Rub salve in your bedroom and apply a little amount on the affected toenails prior to putting on your socks. Be certain the toes are dry prior to using the Vick’s to prevent sealing dampness within the rub. This approach requires some time, but so do bought products and this method is both dependable and affordable.



Immerse the toenails within a dilute solution of vinegar and water for about 30 minutes on a nightly basis. The fungus cannot endure the lower pH level which results. You must do this consistently, every evening, for three to six months. Even though this requires persistence, it works.


Let it breath

breathLet air to get to the toenail whenever possible. Shoes and moist socks breed fungal development. Avoid footware as much as possible. Use sandals whenever you can. Don’t use your socks or stockings over a day without having them washed. White-coloured socks (bleached) are a definite advantage. Abstain from donning restricted shoes or boots. Tight shoes press the toes into each other, often and possibly transferring fungus and generating the ideal warm, moist and enclosed surroundings so cherished by fungus. It may really be a great idea to have a rest from tight shoes if they are bunching up your toenails, should you enjoy wearing heels.

Additionally, it may help convert to wearing only shoes which “breathe”. Avoid tight hosiery. Similar issues are caused by it to tight shoes. After swimming, washing and any action that leaves your feet wet and sweaty, be sure to dry them completely.

Physical removal

For nails which have significant fungal infections underneath which keeps growing and lifting the nail up off its bed, soak the foot (or feet) with any affected toes for twenty to thirty minutes in hot water. After That, start trimming your nail. You’ll be amazed to discover that your toenail is not actually connected to your toe at the spots in which the fungal growth has grown beneath your nail – this is common even if a bit worrying. Just remove all of the nail and clean off the deep, flaky fungal material. Eliminate as much of the fungus as you possibly can. Force the cuticles right back. It’s crucial from this time to on be persistent in this treatment. Do not rip off the nails using your fingertips. Always use nail scissors or clippers. Trimming after washing is generally the most effective time, as the toenails are soft. Do not do this yourself if you experience any pain. Proper removal will help establish the regrowth of a healthy nail instead of unhealthy one.

physical removal